Why I decided to get married secretly ― Tayo Sobola


Popular Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola, has revealed reasons why she decided to get married secretly.

The actress shocked her fans a few months ago when she posted pictures of her wearing a wedding dress on her verified Instagram account.

While some congratulated her and wished her marital bliss, some others believed that the images have been for a film project she was working on.

Nevertheless,  the actress confirmed that she was truly married and that she had known her husband for over seven years.

She stated, “I am married. My husband is not in the movie trade. I’ve been married for some time. I had known my husband for about seven years before we got married. If you know me, you will know that I am the kind of individual that loves my private life. I’ve been with my husband for seven years.

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“I read some blog’s posts and laugh; they should feel free to tag anyone. I really like holding my private life non-public; that is why I decided to marry secretly. I didn’t get married this year; I solely simply posted the pictures some months ago.”

The screen goddess, who is also a trend entrepreneur, admitted that she had not featured in a lot of films recently because she was focusing on her clothesline ― Clean Stitches ― which recently opened a branch in Abuja.

She stated, “There is time for everything and I wish to believe that whatever you want to do, you create the time for it. For me, some people send me messages saying that they have not been seeing me in movies like they used to; sometimes you leave work to pursue money. There are occasions that I select a time to do movies and whoever calls me at that time, if I’m free, I will shoot about two or three movies.

“There are other occasions that I can’t do movies. Trust me, this clothing business takes time, besides you simply don’t have that vision. I recently opened a branch in Abuja where I have a house as a result of I have a number of customers there. Right now, I’m more into my business ― making and selling clothes.

“I have the face already. If I leave the movie industry for some time to do my business, I will return and nobody will discover that I was gone. I have plenty of movies that are not out yet. So, when I am busy doing some other issues, those ones will come out. That is how I attempt to balance them. It’s when I have time that I shoot films,” Sotayo said.



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