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Why I divorced Atiku – Ex-wife Jennifer

FORMER Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has been divorced from his wife Jennifer Douglas.

In a statement, today, Jennifer explained that “the core reason for the divorce was disagreement over my continued stay in the United Kingdom to look after my children” among other “long-standing issues”.

“I needed to play the role of a mother at this time to the children who have gone through the absence of both father and mother growing up; especially, with the passage of my elder sister who used to look after them.

“Furthermore, in light of COVID-19 times, choosing to stay with the children was non-negotiable. And, in line with Northern culture, the new wife takes up the baton so I can also focus on giving the kids more care,” she said.

Jennifer quelled speculations that she divorced the former presidential candidate because he took a new wife.

According to Jennifer, some of those who tried to save the marriage include Peter Okocha, Senator Ben Obi, Tunde Ayeni, Captain Yahaya, and Senator Ben Murray-Bruce. She thanked them for their efforts.

The ex-wife also claimed that Atiku requested to collect an asset previously given to her, adding that the property in Dubai is a subject of litigation.

She said, “During the initial mediation discussion, Excellency denied that he gifted the house (matrimonial home in Asokoro) even after I showed him the document with the signatures of his aide, his Excellency asked me to give him the deed of gift.

“’When I asked him, ‘where will I and the kids stay when we come to Nigeria?’ He told me that since I am the one that asked for a divorce, I should find a place to stay, and subsequently, I moved out.”

Atiku has yet to make any public statement on the issue as of press time.

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