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Why I killed my girlfriend – Chinese lover

A Chinese citizen who is now on trial for the murder of his Nigerian girlfriend, Ummukulsum Buhari, has testified that he spent sixty million Nigerian nairas on his late sweetheart.

At a Kano High Court on Miller Road on Wednesday and Thursday, Geng Quandong, who is 47 years old, presented the opening statements of his defense.

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Because of Ms. Buhari’s passing, Quandong was arrested and accused of being a criminally responsible party in her death.

At the Janbalu quarters, he is said to have killed Ms. Buhari, who was 23 years old, for reportedly refusing to marry him and taking advantage of him.

Over the first day of his defense, which took place on Wednesday, Quanrong stated that during the two years that he dated the person who has since passed away, he spent a total of N60 million on the individual.

He stated, “Besides spending a significant amount of money on her, I used to take her to eat at locations such as Bristol Palace and Central Hotel.”

“I purchased her a house worth N4 million, a car worth N10 million, N18 million as capital to start a company, and spent N500,000 worth of bags and shoes on her new shop. In addition, I spent N1 million worth of laces and wrappers and a house in Abuja that she started building.”

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“I got her gold wears for N5 million, N6 million to go and process her certificate at Sokoto University, and N1 million to put the solar system in their house,” I said. “It was a lot of money, but it was worth it.”

“When we started preparations for the wedding, I ordered her wedding outfits worth N1.5 million, sweets and other dresses they will wear on their wedding day and ‘Asoebi’ for her friends, and N700,000 in fresh notes for spraying on the wedding day.

“I spent N700,000 while visiting her relatives in Sokoto, where I went since I went there,” she said.

“On the 13th of September 2022, she asked for some money to be utilized in the home she is building in Abuja, but I did not give it to her since I did not have any money at the time.

“Since then, she has stopped taking my calls because she felt I was broke,” Mr. Guangdong stated via an interpreter. “Since then” refers to the time after the event in question.

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