Why I wedded nine women at once – Popular Model

Why I married nine women at once – Popular Model
Why I married nine women at once – Popular Model

A popular Brazilian model, Arthur Urso who beat the normal to marry nine more women has said he did so to enthrone free love and fight our age-long monogamy system.

According to the model, the gesture was simply a celebration of “free love” and “protest against monogamy.”

You would recall, the controversial Arthur was already married to his swinger colleague, Luana Kazaki. Things took a new turn when both of them agreed to spice up their marriage with a collective wedding. Arthur and Luana had to halt their ongoing honeymoon, went to a Catholic church in the city of São Paulo to wed nine more women as their own quota of silencing the monogamy form of marriage and encouraging a free-for-fall nuptials.

Reports say, the couple had shared naked photos from their honeymoon in a liberal French town, in Cap D’Agde, which made the nonuplet wedding went even more viral.

At the controversial Cap D’Agde, where the wearing of clothes is prohibited, Arthur and Luana had enjoyed the trip completely naked in various tourist spots in the city.

The pair does swinging and stripping for a living. They are also into sharing of sex tips and inspiring others to have sex, according to reports.

Just recently, Luana was seen walking her masked and collared husband on a leash through a crowded train station.

“People were surprised by the costume,” said Arthur. “We were also reprimanded.”

The couple claimed they both enjoy the dominatrix fantasy as it “increases libido.”




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