Why our Government is people-centred, by Abdulrazaq


Governor Abdulrazaq said his government’s investments in people would be to benefit Kwarans who trusted him with their votes in 2019.

He added more funds are going into developmental projects that directly impact the weak and the vulnerable, the youths, and every segment of society.

“In 2019 the people of this nation made a substantial decision in electing us to regulate them. Over the previous two years, we have been deliberate in reciprocating this decision.

“We have been deliberate in ensuring that each segment of our population gets their fair share of benefits of democracy within available resources.

“Over the last two years, we have been deliberate in reciprocating that choice. We have created the people, ordinary people and the vulnerable, the centrepiece of our activities as a government.

“We have been deliberate in ensuring that every section of our people gets their fair share of benefits of democracy.

“We have launched a health insurance scheme that is presently profiting over 31,000 indigents and thousands more.

“We have created a safety net programme under which at least 10,000 vulnerable senior citizens are profiting.

“Every local government area has benefited from our developmental interventions in the road, water, wellness, and educational endeavours.

“Recently, we reasoned a recruitment exercise that was a entire departure from the past. Every professional person was given an equitable opportunity to compete. This is what our folks voted for.

“At the end of the exercise, we engaged 4701 ICT-compliant teachers. No offender needed anyone to speak to them before they got the job. It is a significant jump for the schooling sector and also the future of our nation.”

AbdulRazaq also said the government’s achievements in different sectors, including agriculture and said a lot is being done to empower young people like the recently established Kwapreneur which seeks to promote and finance company thoughts of under-35 persons.

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“Whether in sports, education, agriculture, road infrastructure or human capital growth, we’ve got a number of ongoing projects that will change the narrative of Kwara State eternally. Very soon, we’ll provide the most significant ICU centre in the whole of the north central region,” he added.

He commended the emir and other traditional leaders for their support for the administration.

Sulu-Gambari, in his opinions, hailed the Governor’s steadfastness and consistency about promoting peace and economic growth, stating his humility is nevertheless a distinguishable quality attribute that endears him to the people of the nation.

“When we saw the governor in the palace yesterday, we’re extremely happy because he’s again exhibited humbleness and whenever someone indicates that kind of humbleness, they will surely get reward from Almighty Allah. We are thankful to a Excellency, you’re doing well,” the Emir said.

“In Ilorin, we’re united and we are strategic to the domestic rise and stability.

“I hope this administration succeeds in its many and laudable efforts toward human capital growth, infrastructure and creations.”




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