Why SMEs shouldn’t do without SEO

Why SMEs shouldn’t do without SEO

Kindly permit one more add-on to this much ado, called SEO. No matter the size of your business, put together some SEO plan to strengthen your brand visibility.

Let’s give this straight answer to this straightforward question. Why do you need SEO as an entrepreneur? You should aim for SEO to ensure top-of-mind awareness among search engines, your target audience, and other stakeholders.

Wait a sec! Trust you’re no longer confused about what SEO really is and the magic wand it wields. No, you shouldn’t be. SEO is the abbreviation for the almighty Search Engine Optimisation. You hear it every day.

And please don’t say it’s been over-flogged already. There can never be enough said about it. This is because SEO is the only miracle your business has been yawning to experience.

You may say, people don’t read and that’s why you don’t blog. Please wake up from this deadbeat slumber. It’s on the contrary! People don’t make buying decisions these days until they’ve looked it up on Google.

If you know this, then your neglect of SEO should stop immediately after you’re done reading this piece.

Honestly, SEOS is the ONLY ingredient you need to add to your business recipe and your competitors will flee.

Need we still ask who needs SEO? Everyone! Every entrepreneur!! Every SME!!!

Content marketing facilitated by SEOS has long replaced the traditional, word-of-mouth marketing. Search has actually proven to be the cheapest way of marketing these days that the mainstream media would require that you break the bank just to place a simple press release.

Do you see? If you continue to ignore SEO, you would continue to miss out on all the goodies it has got to offer. A blog is the only promotional medium with the capacity to market you even when you are sleeping.

Where to start from? It’s not difficult. To ensure your brand stays on top of search results, employ these 5 simple SEO tips:

• Set up a proper blog for your business and you would have gifted your enterprise everything
• Google loves fresh content so add content often
• DON’T forget keywords. Use them adequately
• As you add images to your content do so with alt tags
• Ask for links-back to your site always.

You are armed now. Go. Start with these simple ones and you would be pleasantly surprised. Your brand will start enjoying some fresh breath just as you’ve always desired.

Good luck.

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