Woman wins $103,472 lottery jackpot in a restaurant

Woman wins $103,472 lottery jackpot in a restaurant
Woman wins $103,472 lottery jackpot in a restaurant


A US woman who bought Fast Play lottery tickets while waiting for her food to be prepared has hit the jackpot, winning $103,472.

The Maryland woman said she has had craving for soup and a sandwich so went to a fast food spot to eat.

But when the food won’t come so quickly, she decided to use her $20 change to play a lottery in the restaurant just to pass time only for her to end up with the big win.

“This is crazy,” the woman said in a text message to her husband after scanning the ticket. “I think I’ve won the big prize,” she announced.

It was one of the woman’s tickets, a $10 Lucky Numbers ticket that ended up winning the $103,472 progressive jackpot.

When asked what she intends to do with her jackpot, the 64-years old woman demonstrated, the lottery brand has settled her for life.

“The prize money will allow me to plan my retirement after working for 45 years as a government contractor. She detailed.

“The windfall also will allow me to pay off the loans for my family’s two vehicles,” she enthused.




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