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World Bank: Nigeria has Highest Energy Deficit in Africa

According to a senior energy specialist with the World Bank named Arsh Sharma, Nigeria has the worst energy deficit on the whole continent. Sharma also mentioned that more than 90 million people in Nigeria are not connected to the national grid.

Sharma made these remarks at the closing ceremony of the Lagos 2022 Ehingbeti Summit, which was held at a session with the subject “Unlocking Opportunities for Clean and Sustainable Energy.”

He stated that “Nigeria is the only country suffering that type of an energy problem.” Over ninety million people in Nigeria do not have access to electricity.


Because Nigeria has the highest energy deficit in all of Africa, the partners in the development banks need to collaborate in order to provide support for the efforts that are being made by the Nigerian government at both the federal and state levels.

He stated that a project to offer people living in rural sections of the country access to electricity had been initiated by the World Bank.

He stated that the project’s initial goal was to target 450,000 families, but that it has outperformed that goal in terms of impact, creating more than 100,000 jobs and having an influence on the lives of 4 million Nigerians. He also stated that the project’s initial goal of targeting 450,000 families was not met.

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