Protesters Block Abuja-Kaduna Highway over constant kidnapping


Residents of this Gauraka community in Niger State’s Tafa Local Government Area have obstructed the Abuja-Kaduna highway in protest of the community’s constant kidnappings.

The demonstrators set fire to tyres and blocked traffic on the highway.

They demanded that the state and national governments strengthen security in the region and put a stop to the attacks.

This includes after kidnappers raided the area on Saturday and Sunday, abducting at least fifteen people and killing three more.

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After Governor Abubakar Bello’s announcement in April that terrorists had hoisted their flags in certain communities in Niger State, there have been speculations about Boko Haram terrorists infiltrating the Gauraka group.

The Gauraka group is situated about five km from Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

Residents lament the fact that they’ve been deprived of sleep for a very long time as a result of the kidnappings which have continued to terrorize the city.

They said that since January, more than thirty people have been kidnapped.

Countless people are murdered in banditry attacks in Niger State, such as security forces, and over fifteen thousand people have been homeless, with many taking refuge in temporary camps set up by the state authorities.








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