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Insecurity :Apologize to Gov Alia and your constituents or risk recall 

…. Group gives Sen Udende (14) days ultimatum


..Threatens to commence Mock recall process Against non -performing legislators


Following deliberations on the floor of the Senate over the recent killings of over (45) persons in Ukum Local Government Area of Benue State, a group known as the Benue Diaspora Watch (BDW) has called on the Senator representing Benue North East senatorial district in the red chamber, Sen Emmanuel Udende to come clean on his role in the insecurity bedeviling the area as the representative of the people. The group in a press release signed by Alfred Akawe and released to journalists on Friday on the matter accused Sen Udende of complicity in the recent killings of his own constituents insisting that was the only way to justify why the senator choose to mislead the Senate and the Nigerian people on the actual cause of the killings. These unfortunate destruction of lives and property according to reports is beyond doubt a consequence of rival clashes between local bandits most of whom have political and family affiliation with the senator. “That Sen Udende choose to mislead the Senate and Nigerians only shows the ongoing desperation to blackmail, intimidate, distract and hijack the government of Hycinth Alia from the masses.

The group also noted with disappointment while the Senate president would delve into such a serious matter without due diligence to the point of making unsolicited comments on the use of security votes by the executive governor of Benue State. ” It is common knowledge that security of lives and property is the responsibility of the governor and he has demonstrated his administrations commitment towards stemming the growing insecurity through various interventions”

“It is a shame that instead of Sen Udende to join hands with the governor to secure his constituents , he prefers to enable crisis and dump it on herdsmen while actively suppressing efforts at restoring security in the area represents in the red chamber.


“We view the disruptive attitude of Sen Udende as unworthy of a man worth the role of a senator and accordingly have resolved to issue a (14) day ultimatum within which time he should apologize to the governor and his constituents for his embarrassing conduct. It will also give him the opportunity to correct the wrong impression given to the Senate on the true cause of the killings which the Senator knew to be false. The desperation to blackmail governor Hycinth Alia must be interrogated by all legitimate means including the possibility of a recall process.


“Should Sen Emmanuel Udende fail to apologize and take responsibility for misleading the Senate and Nigerians, we will launch a dedicated portal calling for relevant signatures for his recall process.

“The senator must be reminded that with the aid of technology, a precedent for the recall of a non performing legislator would be made easier and we will deploy technology to ganner the required one half of the about (136,000) votes required for his recall.


“The ordinary people from the (7) Local Government Areas that makes up the Benue North East senatorial district are waiting to show their pound of flesh in solidarity with their governor, the group insisted. It urged detractors and political jobers from all angles to seek a new leaf in order to join forces with the governor to move the state forward.


“It must be commended and highlighted to what extent the executive governor of Benue State Fr Hycinth Alia has recalibrated the Open Grazing law enforcement with several other overt and covert operations to ensure relative peace and stability in the state.

“We urge governor Alia to be focused on the mission to salvage the state in the face of distractions and saboteurs .

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