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Benue politics: Group Petitions APC National chairman..

….Says Sen George Akume is a political liability to Benue people


Insist Gov Alia remains the face of APC in the state…


The Benue Renaissance Movement (BREM), an elite socio-political group has written to the national chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC)His Excellency, Alh Abdullahi Ganduje to keep him abreast of the political realities in the state.


In a press release signed by Dr Timothy Tor , the group expressed displeasure with the overbearing manner and hostile approach of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation,Sen George Akume and his loyalists towards the vision of his Excellency the executive governor of Benue State in building the party and developing the state.


“We are appalled by the conduct of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation who has given his full consent for his loyalists to undermine the authority of the Governor of Benue State, it is on record that the individuals who have come out openly to attack the governors administration are the same people who profess loyalty to the SGF” We are concerned that a leader of the party in Sen George Akume’s standing should unite members of the party rather than divide especially given the fact that he is the highest beneficiary. Dr Timothy Tor insisted that Sen George Akume wouldn’t have been SGF today if the APC lost election in the state. ” Gov Alia’s popularity no doubt made it possible for him to be considered as the secretary to the Government of the Federation today and he must be humble instead destroying the party to get at the governor.


“Let it be on record that Sen George Akume had long lost his political value in Benue State and had personally lost his reelection to his protege when he wanted to return to the Senate in 2019. “Yes” Sen Orker Jev defeated him ” This man who claims to have planted every governor lost his own election” this same man brought a candidate in 2011 against then Governor Gabriel Suswam in the person of Prof Steve Ugbah , in 2019, he brought Barr Emmanuel Jime who all lost elections basically due to the sabotage of the same George Akume. ” His overbearing manner of control of people and resources would not let him achieve anything politically meaningful in 2011,2019 etc


“The SGF must be reminded of how APC got the victory it is enjoying today in the state and that he doesn’t possess the powers he profess otherwise he would have saved himself from such election defeat by a protege”


“Mr Chairman, without boring you with old facts, we need to highlight a background that truly paints the true picture of who the SGF is: for example, when Sen George Akume was governor of Benue State, he made his blood brother , Hon Akoom Dajo, the Executive Council Chairman of his Local government and made another of his brother Chief Kehem Dajo , the paramount ruler of the same Tarkaa Local government against all protests and good conscience. “When the younger brother who was chairman died in office, George Akume recommended his brother’s widow to replace her husband as chairman” All these were done unilaterally by the SGF. Your Excellency, I have highlighted this instances to give you an idea of how overbearing and greedy Sen George Akume has been overtime ” The group further wondered why the wife of the SGF, Chief Mrs Regina Akume is the current Member representing Gboko/Tarkaa Constituency among many qualified and loyal party men and women ” This exposes the hypocritical and pretentious posturing of the man who claims to be the leader of the party in the state.


Mr Chairman, it would interest you to learn that after the victory of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Congress in the 2023 election, Sen George Akume without consultation with the governor brought a woman, his known loyalists to be the speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly, of course the house is made up of members of other opposition parties, his candidate of choice lost ” This was the beginning of all manner of unfounded aspersions on the person of Governor Fr Dr Hyacinth Alia till today”


Similar to this was the appointment of Local government caretaker Chairmen in the state. Sen George Akume’s inputs were sought and taken and implemented alongside inputs from local party members, all this it is on record ”


“When it came to the nomination of cabinet members, though the exclusive reserve of the Governor, he extended, I believe out of courtesy a request for inputs which Sen George Akume made on record ” his loyalists are still sitting in the cabinet to this moment, the statement added.


Mr Chairman, having outlined a few scenarios to demonstrate the all inclusive approach of His Excellency Gov Hyacinth Alia in managing the victory of the party in the state , it noteworthy to state that Sen George Akume has turned himself into the greatest clog in the wheel of the state development by challenging the authority of the governor who is in the ruling party.


” It is common knowledge that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation Sen George Akume has continued to pretend that he has no problem with His Excellency Governor Hyacinth Alia even though all actions points otherwise ” The former party chairman, a known loyalist of the SGF has continued to openly challenge the authority of the governor despite the fact of his suspension from the party by his ward EXCO, a matter still pending in court without any reaction from the SGF. ” All national assembly members who profess loyalty to the SGF have had a freehand to attack the governor without any reaction from the SGF who continue to insist to be called a leader despite his divisive tendencies”


” Sen George Akume’s silence while his loyalists attack and politicize insecurity in the state to undermine the governor is counter productive and is a direct indictment on the party and the administration of Mr President. “The party must call the SGF to order and remind him of the collateral damage of playing politics with insecurity which is Mr President’s sole responsibility.


Your Excellency, this petition is to draw your attention to several acts of malfeasance perpetuated by the secretary to the Government of the Federation Sen George Akume on the fortunes of the party in the state just to undermine His Excellency Governor Hyacinth Alia administration”


The group also drew the attention of the National chairman on the issue of appointments into federal agencies wherein the SGF does not deem it fit to consult with the governor who is the leader of the party in the state by convention and rules of the party. The party must remind and guide the SGF to respect the authority of the governor inline with the policy of the party.

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