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CSOs Condemn Akpabio’s Comments on Gov Alia….

…Charges Sen Udende To Prioritize Security Above politics

The New Benue Proactive Front (NBPF) has chided and challenged the Senate president to take a refresher course in leadership if he is overwhelmed with the role of the office of president of the Senate rather than turn it into a national comic arena via his persistent flipflops and unguarded comments at plenary which are inflammatory and poses grave concerns for national security.


The group in statement while reacting to the recent discussions in the Senate on the security situation in Benue North East insisted that the Senate president and indeed the rest of the Senators where misled by the presentations made by the Senator representing Benue North East,Sen Emmanuel Udende just to prove a political point and to further embarrass the governor of the state Fr Dr Hyacinth Alia in what we all know is the continuation of the fight for the control of state resources between the old and the new order of politicians in the state at expense of human lives and property. “It is a negative and deliberate ploy to overwhelm the governor to assert authority and maintain an undeserved stronghold on the local politics.”


Convener of the group, Richard Oduma Richard further stated that according to widely available security reports in the media, the most recent killings of over (45) persons and (7) others in one family in Ukum Local Government Area which is home town of the senator in question is not connected to herdsmen as portrayed by Sen Udende before the Senate. This is a man who should know better. The killings are known to be a fight between rival local bandits some of whom are relatives of the Senator and known by their names by many other prominent politicians in the area “So for Sen Udende to mislead the Senate and Nigerians on the root cause of killings in his vicinity as a senator truly calls for concern” the People of Benue North East should ask Sen Udende the motivation not to disclose the facts of the killings when he decided to raise the matter before the Senate. If he was looking for solutions why hide relevant facts as to the true origin of the crisis and possible solutions which may likely involve personal Political sacrifices by the senator himself. We have incontrovertible facts about the cause of the recent killings in Ukum Local Government Area and for the senator to misguide the Senate should call for disciplinary action. Nothing else suggest complicity. “It is a red flag for the Constituents to avoid such politicians in future elections”


Governor Alia while taking full responsibility for the security of lives and property of citizens in the state has demonstrated that commitment by the proactive measures put in place despite the hostility extended to his administration by the likes of Sen Udende and his enablers. Unfolding events now show that the real sabotage is coming from within our so called leaders.


Governor Alia within the intelligence available to him has deployed his authority to direct the implementation of the Anti Open Grazing law to it’s full effect to tackle the influx of herdsmen in the state. The state security Council has been directed to implement many other measures to mitigate security breaches in the state.


“It is on record that among many proactive steps to forestall and minimize future security breaches in the area, Governor Hycinth Alia had endorsed a suggestion by the stakeholders within the area among which is the senator to bring up modalities to find lasting peace in the area ” What has the senator done in this regard as a commitment to the peace and freedom of his people ? Rather than Sen Udende’s obsession with the thought of sharing of security votes which he has voiced out to people in apparent protest, Sen Udende is advised to utilize his time in office to affect the lives of his people before the next election seasons where he will be called upon to give account of his stewardship.


Our organization sees this petty onslaught against the governor of Benue State as a continuation of the political schemes emplaced by certain elements to take full control of state resources or at least destabilise the administration of Dr Hyacinth Alia. It is expected that the resistance and political will demonstrated by Gov Hycinth Alia will create a lot of bitterness no doubt. “We advice those who are looking for battle grounds to embarrass the governor to focus on the roles expected of them wherever they find a platform to function.


“As for Senate president Akpabio, even though his return to the Senate remains a miracle, he should be reminded that Nigerians may have forgiven him for his infamous”prayer to mailboxes” comment but have not forgotten how aloof he has proved to be overtime.” Akpabio needs to understudy leadership to redeem the fast fading image of the office and authority of Senate president. “A man who despite the volatile and prevailing hardship in the country could say on record that (N30b) was shared to Governors in what turned out to be only in his imagination for which he apologized must be a crisis entrepreneur enabling crisis in high places to massage the ego of his political acolytes . We advice him to take a refresher course in leadership or find other ways to ingratiate himself to his associates.


The security of lives and property of the people of Benue Northeast and indeed all citizens is beyond the schemes of any individual or group and we must subscribe to a collective way to end the problem rather than resort to dirty politics at the expense human lives and stagnation. “Let the role of sabotage not take the place of true and unblemished service to the people.


Finally, Senate president Akpabio’s Comments on the use of security vote by governor Alia has more than ever confirmed the series of schemes aimed at blackmailing and arm twisting the governor of Benue State to free public funds to individuals. Accordingly, Comrade Oduma advised the Senate president to disengage from being used to play local politics in the interest good governance and stability. Comrade Oduma insisted that governor Alia has demonstrated that he is on a mission that is beyond the schemes of everyday regular politics and called on the masses who are the greatest beneficiaries to stand by their governor to redeem the glory of the state from the grip of the old order.

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