Eniola Ajao Dumps Bobrisky As Best-Dressed, Announces New Winners With ₦1m Gift


Popular Yoruba actress Eniola Ajao, has finally dumped Bobrisky as the winner of the ‘Best Dressed’ in the Female Category following criticisms that trailed her movie premiere.

The actress’s Beast of Two Worlds: Ajakaju movie premiere sparked reactions after cross-dresser Bobrisky, was declared a winner at the event.

Although Eniola had since apologised for the stunt gone wrong, she took to her social media handles to tender an apology to Dayo Amusa, Bobrisky, women, Muslim societies and everyone offended by her action.

In her message to Bobrisky, the actress apologised for putting the crossdresser in a problematic situation, as announcing him as the winner was to generate publicity for her movie.

She then announced two new winners to make amends and correct her mistakes.

She also revealed that each woman would receive a sum of ₦1m as a token of her sincere apology and appreciation for their grace and elegance.

See full apology below:


Dear Esteemed Members of the Public,

I write to you today with a heavy heart, filled with regret and remorse over the events that unfolded at my movie premiere, BEAST OF TWO WORLDS “AJAKAJU,” #ajakajuthemovie on Sunday, 24th March, 2024. I address you all today, taking full responsibility and seeking your pardon with my deepest regrets for the distress and turmoil caused by the events surrounding the selection of Best Dressed at the premiere of “AJAKAJU.”

First, I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the Muslim community, especially during this sacred month of Ramadan. I acknowledge and respect the significance of this time, and it was never my intention to offend or upset anyone with the proceedings of our premiere. Please accept my sincerest apologies for any distress my actions may have caused during this sacred time.

To the women in our society, I want to express my profound apologies. As a woman myself, I understand the importance of upholding and honoring our gender with dignity and respect. I want to assure you that I hold the utmost reverence for womanhood, and I would never intentionally engage in any behavior that diminishes or disparages the role of women in our society.

I also extend my heartfelt apologies to My honorable and supportive boss Femi Adebayo @femiadebayosalami and his wife, @iyanaladuke and @dayoamusa for the undue backlash they faced as a result of the announcement made at our event. I deeply regret the insults and disrespect directed towards them, and I take full responsibility for any harm caused.

To Bobrisky @bobrisky222 I offer my sincere apologies for putting you in a difficult position. The decision to award you was never meant to cause harm or controversy but was rather an attempt to generate publicity for our movie. I am truly sorry for any distress this may have caused you.

In an effort to make amends and correct my mistakes, I have decided to honour two females, Bode Alao and one other beautiful woman as the best-dressed females at the premiere. Each will receive a sum of N1,000,000(One Million Naira) as a token of my sincere apology and appreciation for their grace and elegance.



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