Gang leaves families shaken after string of home invasions across Brisbane

A manhunt is under way for at least four masked offenders behind an early-morning crime spree across south Brisbane. 

Police said the group stole a Mercedes from Coorparoo before then storming homes in Kuraby, Stretton, Calamvale and Parkinson about 6am today.

They began by breaking into a home in Stretton while the family was upstairs asleep in their rooms.

Home invasion Stretton Brisbane
A man hunt is underway for at least four alleged masked offenders behind an early-morning crime spree. (Nine)

The thieves ransacked the living room and kitchen before heading upstairs.

It was then a shocked homeowner was confronted by the group and could be seen on security footage chasing them out of his home.

About two hours later, the same group attempted to break into another home nearby.

The owners told 9News the group had tried switching off their power to disable security cameras and attempted to kick in the front door but failed and left empty handed.

The next victim, Leslie Gan, had a brick thrown through her window as the group tried to smash their way in. 

“They were in dark clothing all sleathed up, tried to get in through this window, thrown a brick through,” Gan said.

Home invasion Stretton Brisbane
The group allegedly stormed homes in Kuraby, Stretton, Calamvale and Parkinson. (Nine)

In a moment Gan said was pure adrenaline, she confronted the masked men and chased them out of her home. 

“I shouted at them to get away. They kind of looked at me, took off around the side of the house,” she said. 

“I feel like I want to barricade myself in the house now … We’re really terrified.” 

Police found the stolen Mercedes dumped at Slacks Creek about 9am.

The four bandits remain on the run.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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