‘He fell off like the Simpsons’ – J.Cole responds to Kendrick Lamar’s diss

American rapper, J. Cole has fired back at his colleague, Kendrick Lamar after he dissed Cole and Drake on Future and Metro Boomin’s new song, ‘Like That,’ which featured him.

In his verse, Lamar took a swipe at Drake and J.Cole, saying contrary to assumptions that he, Drake, and J.Cole are currently the three biggest rappers in the United States, he is the only big rapper.

Responding to the diss in a track titled ‘7 Minute Drill’ in his surprise project ‘Might Delete Later’, which was released at midnight last night, J.Cole said Lamar had a promising start as a rapper but has now “fallen off.”

“I got a phone call that said somebody was dissing…He fell off like the Simpsons..

Your first sh*t was classic, your last sh*t was tragic…

Your 2nd sh*t put ***** to sleep but they gassed it…

Your 3rd sh*t was massive hit that was your prime…

I was trailing right behind but I just now hit mine,” he raps.” (sic)

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