How high did Osimhen jump to score in Napoli vs. Monza Serie A clash?

Super Eagles star Victor Osimhen made headlines with his spectacular jump to score Napoli’s opening goal against Monza, a report from reveals.

Trailing 1-0 in the first half, Osimhen rose high to meet Frank Anguissa’s precise cross, powering a header into the left side of the net. His goal, reminiscent of a basketball jump shot, earned him the nickname “Osi-Air” for his remarkable aerial ability.

How high did Osimhen jump against Monza?

According to Sky’s Studios via The Napolista, Osimhen is reported to have jumped 2.23 meters, although this fell short of his previous record-setting leap of 2.58 meters during Napoli’s win over Spezia.

Watch the goal here:

In the earlier match against Spezia, Osimhen recorded a staggering 71cm leap, reaching a height of 8.47 feet (2.58 meters) – higher than the crossbar (8 feet) – before heading the ball past Spezia goalkeeper Bartłomiej Drągowski.

Earlier, Corriere dello Sport (via Tutto Napoli) reported that Osimhen’s jump against Spezia reached a height of 2.58 meters, a mark typical of elite NBA stars.

Meanwhile, Osimhen’s spectacular header against Monza, despite resulting in a fall on his face, has also drawn comparisons to the legendary Michael Jordan’s prowess.

As Napoli aims to secure their spot in European competition next season with seven games remaining, Osimhen will be eager to continue his impressive performances in the league.

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