Man suffers facial injury after assault in Melbourne’s CBD

A man has suffered a facial injury after he was hit with a megaphone during an assault in Melbourne’s CBD last month.
Police believe the assault unfolded after two men witnessed a group of protesters hanging up posters outside a business on Swanston Street about 6.20pm on March 24.

The men pulled down the posters before the protesters confronted them.

Police are searching for three people following an assault. (Nine)

Detectives said a brawl ensued, resulting in one of the victims, a 31-year-old Murrumbeena man, suffering facial injuries.

It’s believed he was struck in the face with a megaphone by a protester.

Investigators have released images of two women and a man that they believe may be able to assist with their enquiries.

The first woman is described as being of Middle Eastern appearance, aged in her 20s-30s, wearing a black baseball cap, black T-shirt, a keffiyeh, olive/green cargo pants, black work boots and long black hair.

The man is described as being a Caucasian male in his 30s wearing a dark T-shirt with ‘Resistance’ printed on it, green and brown camouflage pants, black Vans street shoes, with red hair and red beard.

The second woman is described as Middle Eastern appearance, in her 30s, red hooded sweatshirt with centreline zip, blue jeans, white street shoes, with long black hair tied back.

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