Man to face court after alleged burnout in front of police

A man will face court after he allegedly performed a burnout in Melbourne’s south-east.

Officers attacked to Achilles Taskforce, which targets high-risk driving, allegedly witnessed the man do a burnout at the intersection of Heatherton Road and Marshall Street in Noble Park at about 1.45pm on Sunday.

The man’s vehicle was also found to have a homemade bonnet scoop and bald tyres, police claimed.

A man will face court after allegedly performing a burnout in front of police in Noble Park, Melbourne. (Victoria Police)

His driver’s licence also showed he was subject to a zero blood alcohol restriction.

However, he allegedly returned a reading of .176 on a breath test, as well as a positive drug test for cannabis.

Police impounded his vehicle for 30 days at a cost of $913, and his licence was immediately suspended.

He is expected to be charged on summons with multiple offences.

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Achilles Taskforce Sergeant Paul Holtzinger said this incident was the trifecta of risky behaviour while behind the wheel.

“To do a burnout at an intersection on a Sunday afternoon while allegedly both alcohol and drug-affected is extremely dangerous,” he said.

“Your reaction times are severely impacted, and it is so easy to lose control of your car and crash into another vehicle or pedestrian.”

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