“People see us as a bank” – Real Madrid star David Alaba’s sister reveals struggles of stardom

Rose May Alaba, sister of Real Madrid defender David Alaba, recently opened up about some of the downsides of being affiliated with a famous person, reports.

Rose May and David Alaba have a close-knit relationship, and the football star is clearly one of her biggest supporters.

Rose May and David Alaba

In a recent interview with 88.5 UFM, Rose May spoke about how a lot of people see her and other family members as money-spinners because her brother is big shot.

She said, “To be honest, the hustle is real. Everybody wants to make money. And I feel like once people hear my last name because it’s connected to a big soccer player which is my brother, they see us as a bank. They think we grow money on trees. But that is not the case”.

The 29-year-old added that it has become difficult to find people who actually believe in her vision. She said, “I feel like it’s hard to find genuine people who see the vision. I feel like you always have to believe in yourself first for them to actually help you”.

Rose May Alaba is a singer and songwriter who is well known in Austria, particularly for her hit single “Love Me Right”. She has also become a familiar name in the Nigerian music scene, with the fusion of Afrobeats and pop sounds in her music.

The “Lockdown” crooner is currently in Lagos, Nigeria promoting her music; evidently ready to make herself a household name in the Nigerian music industry. She also performed at the “Homecoming” festival which took place in March.

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