Skitmakers Ashmusy, Nons Miraj fight over boyfriend

Popular skit makers and best friends Ashmusy and Nons Miraj have been trading tackles on social media over a man.

Ashmusy shared a screenshot of Nons Miraj’s private chat with her, in which she accused her of attempting to snatch her boyfriend.

She claimed that Miraj had been insulting her even after her boyfriend asked her out.

An angry Ashmusy shared a screenshot of their chat on her Instagram page, threatening to go “dirty” with Nons Miraj.

She wrote: “Gosh I’m so pissed! @nons_miraj or whatever you call yourself, I’m tired of covering up for you.

“How can you try to ruin my relationship because your man asked me out? Na me ask am out? And if I was such a bad person, why will I come to tell you? If I wanted to do nonsense, won’t I just do it secretly?

“I’m very disappointed! Being that you know me and you know I won’t do such. Grow up! Fool. Since you want to go dirty, let’s do it. I’m tired of being a good girl, after all, bring it, deceitful thing!”

On her Instagram page, Nons Miraj claimed that her boyfriend told her that Ashmusy started making advances at him after she helped them resolve their issue.

Nons Miraj wrote: “Some people are fools and animals in human clothing. What do you mean my boyfriend asked you out or you threw yourself at him? You don see man wey get money you don lose your human training. Why would my boyfriend want to ask you out?

“He told me after you helped resolve our issue you started bringing food for him. Oloshi, because say you dey do food content you come dey send am food. Shey, I tell you say I no sabi cook? My question is why do you have to chat with him behind my back? Amara, please don’t piss me up.”

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