‘It’s impossible to get a job in Nigeria with tattoos’ – Asake

Afrobeats star Ahmed Ololade, popularly known as Asake, has said that it is difficult to get a job in Nigeria with tattoos.

The artist, who has a neck tattoo, said he couldn’t work for any company or do business because of the stereotypes about tattoos in Nigeria.

Asake, who featured in the latest issue of GQ magazine, said: “In Nigeria, if you have a tattoo on your neck, you can’t work anywhere. I can’t work for any company. I can’t sell anything.”

He also spoke about his “sudden stardom,” stressing that his rise in the music industry was not an “overnight success” as it seems.

“You have to understand: I got there in two years, but I’ve been working for years. People are counting the days you’re successful. They don’t count the days you’ve been working towards it. Nobody gives a fvck about that,” Asake said.

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